Miguel Ferrerossa Arrebato

Miguel Angel Ferrerossa is only 21 years old, yet he is definitely one of the best dancers I have ever seen. Professionally he has been dancing for four years, but deep within he has been a dancer all through his life. In Arrebato Caleño he has been teaching for two years.

The reason Miguel got into dancing in the first place is because he wanted to be on stage. He wanted to be an artist and be connected either to music or to the media. Like most people in Cali, he initially learned to dance at home. His family would dance at family events, and his grandmother from his father’s side was the one who really had the rhythm in the family. On top that, Miguel would do competitions with his neighbors on who danced the best.

Miguel Ferrerossa teaching in Arrebato Caleño

The way to professional dancing

Nowadays, Miguel Ferrerossa is a professional dancer in Aguanile Dance Company. He trains three times a week with his group, countless hours per day. As being on stage is what he has always wanted to do, he feels happy with his life.

While social dance is like a therapy for him, shows, he says, are for other people. In fact, what he most loves about shows is seeing and feeling the audience. A dream for Miguel’s future would be to dance in a big show like Delirio (a monthly salsa show in Cali), due to his curiosity to learn more. He thinks this kind of shows would open up his mind even more as an artist.

The most beautiful moments in Miguel’s dance career has each year been the Salsódromo. For him, it’s a wonderful way to close the year. What he most enjoys about it is that the audience is on the streets with the dancers. It’s where Miguel doesn’t think about his dance technique at all but only enjoys the joyful vibe of the event.

Miguel Ferrerossa

A guru in ladies styling

Miguel’s favorite part in teaching is no doubt ladies styling. He has a facility and a lot of experience in dancing as a woman, so a couple of years ago decided to dedicate himself to study and explore female style. Although he also teaches bachata and contemporary jazz, he mostly focuses on salsa.

What does Miguel do when he doesn’t dance? He writes, he sings, he reads. He tries to keep his mind busy in coming up with new ideas and projects, creating choreographies in his mind. According to Miguel, he’s always visualizing things in his mind, with his “mind constantly in the air”, as he says.

Where would Miguel recommend to go dancing in Cali?

“I love La Topa Tolondra because it tries to preserve the tradition of Cali style salsa. Another place with a lot of history is the neighborhood of Juanchito. But La Topa is a place where you feel you’re really in Cali, not just some club wherever. I’m a conservative who feels that Cali has lost a lot of its tradition since the 80s, so I want to preserve the salsa I have gotten to know during my life”.

If you like what you just saw and are coming to Cali, search for Arrebato Caleño in the neighborhood of San Antonio and take classes with Miguel!!!

P.S. This is a series of the Arrebato Caleño teachers. To read about a true icon of Cali style salsa, Norbey “Kanelo” Gil, click here!

Written by Sissi Korhonen

Fascinated by meeting, interpreting and understanding people. Strangerless at soul and heart.