Mandiorama Strangerless Sissi Korhonen

In February 2017, I was asked to participate in the Paraguayan TV show Mandiorama. Now, six months after the episode Viajeros (Travellers) came out, I finally got to see it myself! And just in case you all also want to see what me and fellow traveller, Favio Patiño were asked by Patrick Altamirano, here you go with our spectacular (!) TV appearance (in Spanish).

Mandiorama Viajeros:  Part I

Mandiorama Viajeros:  Part II

Mandiorama, Episode Viajeros (Travellers)
Guests: Sissi Korhonen and Favio Patiño
Director: Patrick Altamirano
Asunción, Paraguay, February 2017

(I did not do the make-up myself, although mom, I know you love it…)

In the Part II of the program, I speak about wanting to make it to the Carnival of Tilcara in Jujuy, Argentina. I did make it indeed and it was truly worth it! If you missed my post on the Carnival, here you go. And for a 15-minute reportage on my bicycle trip, also done by Paraguayan TV, click here!

By the way, did you know I’m returning to Paraguay for the month of September (woohoo!)?! Will be back in Cali for salsa again in October 2017.

Written by Sissi Korhonen

Fascinated by meeting, interpreting and understanding people. Strangerless at soul and heart.