Should we work together? My expertise lies in communication, creativity and connecting people. As a freelance journalist and storyteller, I produce content across platforms on intercultural phenomena, intriguing personalities, female empowerment and authentic travel experiences. As a consultant I facilitate interpersonal communication and the achievement of individual goals.

I don’t believe in influencer marketing or consumption culture. What I do believe in, instead, are non-racist, egalitarian, socially conscious projects and campaigns, which strive towards making this world a better place through original and credible voices. If you share this vision, let’s challenge ourselves, morph our powers and take a leap towards meaningful and fresh co-operations!

Content Creation

Communication on all platforms from TV to radio, from social media to magazines and blogs. If you wish to generate crisp content from unique angles, we should team up. Whether you represent a big or small company, a brand or NGO and you’ve landed on this page, how about brainstorming together? In the past, I’ve worked e.g. as a radio journalist, as scriptwriter for the Finnish TV, as camerawoman at the Italian parliament, as freelance blogger and writer, as actress for TV commercials. My travel series Couchsurfers, which I pitched and scripted for the Finnish Broadcasting Company, won 1st Prize in the weekly non-fiction category at Finnish KOURA awards in 2011, and was nominated for Prix Europa in TV Market Place of Innovation Category. I hold a Diploma in Video Journalism.


I have worked as a consultant for various multinational companies — designing, selling and executing learning processes. Whether you are heading e.g. from Europe to Latin America as an expat, work in a multicultural environment or want sleeker slides for your speech, I can help you out. What I do is capacitation in intercultural communication, public public speaking, reaching individual goals and in conceptualizing ideas. My previous customers include e.g. Axa, Nestlé, SCA, Orion, John Deere and various NGOs. I do individual coaching online, as well as give tailored courses on-site or optionally through webinars. As my hobby I also coach women online in overcoming fears (for free). I hold a BA degree in Social and Cultural Studies, a MA degree in Intercultural Communication.


Connecting skilled individuals for creative, multicultural projects is something I am passionate about. I have lived in eight countries, speak seven languages and have travelled for extensive periods in the Americas, Africa and Europe, mostly hitchhiking and long-distance cycling. I have a huge network of skilled individuals all over the globe who make great remote workers. Thus, if you’re lacking e.g. an illustrator, a graphic designer, a writer or a computer programmer for your project, there’s no need to look further. When connecting with each other intercontinentally, employees can easily earn more than the usual, whilst employers can pay a bit less than the usual. If requested, I coordinate the projects, translate all communication between the parties and supervise e.g. that deadlines are kept.

Work languages: Finnish, English, Polish, German, Italian and Spanish.

More about me here. CV on request.

Sissi Strangerless WORK

Dear Friend of Strangerless,

I love operating location free in virtual, multicultural environments. I switch between styles on request, yet what I most appreciate in everything I do is the possibility to be my own, authentic self. Thus, I especially encourage my faithful blog readers to contact me, should you ever need my skills or knowledge in any longer or shorter project!