Let’s face it. Very few people enjoy feeling completely foreign to a local culture when traveling to inhabited places (unless they’re traveling for nature). Local cultures are fascinating and most people love to be part of them – even if just for that little while.

IMG_1174Strangerless is just about that. It’s about going to places for people and their cultures as opposed to going to places for things. It’s about a relationship oriented way of traveling instead of a task oriented one. It doesn’t mean choosing a destination solely for people (because obviously, at this point they’re still strangers to you), but it is about the will of getting to know local cultures once in a certain place. It’s about the kind of travel which widens your horizons, because it makes you see and understand what people somewhere else do, how, when and why.   

Most of today’s travel industry and marketing focuses on Destination Oriented Travel (DOT). Yet, you repeatedly hear the phrase: “It’s about the people you meet” from people who travel. Why? Because people are what can make a trip to Paris, Peru or Lapland surprising and unexpected (for better or for worse!), and unexpected things are the ones that change your trip (duh!). Plus, chances are that you would never meet these people anywhere else, because a) they will never have the money to visit your country, b) they will never want to visit your country (sometimes the case with Finland), c) they will not be granted a visa to your country or d) they simply do not wish to travel.

In this blog I share my own experiences on People Oriented Travel (POT), as well as tips and ideas for meeting people and understanding cultures. My most frequent travel methods are hitchhiking and cycling. In fact, at the moment I’m crossing Latin America by bicycle. To check out the outline of the route, click here. If you wish to know more about my background in POT, click here! (Oh, and although People Oriented Travel is about people, it has not only lead me amongst amazing cultures, but also into climbing, diving, cycling and paragliding in incredible places!).

5 Reasons to travel for people

  1. Learn about culture
  2. Learn local language
  3. Expand your thinking
  4. Unexpected experiences
  5. Meet people you might not encounter back home