I do not sell sex

Sometimes it seems extremely difficult for men to realize that even though you travel alone, you do not sell sex. To some men, a solo female cyclist seems to be the perfect example of someone in desperate need of money and physical pleasures. So much so, that these men take the initiative to stop by the road and offer their charitable employer services to female cyclists. But how can you know a woman does not sell sex? Read these easy guidelines to find out.

1. People working in sales sell

When someone is trying to sell something, it’s a rule of thumb that they will approach you. If a woman is cycling down the road and you ask her for sex, you’re not only underestimating her sales skills, but also underestimating the sales skills of those really in the sex business. If a woman wants you to buy sex from her, you can be sure she will sell it. Right?

2. Do the women you love sell sex?

Before asking a random woman to sell you sex, ask yourself the following question: “Does my mother/sister/daughter/girlfriend/wife or my female friends sell sex?” If the answer is no, why do you assume women you don’t know personally, do? And if the answer is yes, do they cycle around empty streets on their working days? Probably not. Or if they do, they’re as out of it as you are.

3. Do you ask professionals in one field for expertise in another field?

Most women who cycle have professions. They may be writers, teachers, engineers, scientists, shop assistants etc., but professional prostitutes within cyclists are rare. Would you ask your bank clerk to fix your shoes? Would you ask your history teacher to fix your garden? No? Then don’t ask a professional in X to sell you sex.

4. Do you ask people to work on their time off?

If you saw your graphic designer happily cycling down the road on a Sunday, would you stop by his/her side, give him/her a piece of paper and a pen and ask him/her to draw a quick sketch for your future campaign? I doubt it. So, even given the unlike situation that a woman riding her bicycle alone on a isolated highway was a professional prostitute, would’t it be obvious that at that moment she’s not on duty?

5. Would you do anything for money?

Prostitution is usually done for the money, not for the sole pleasure of sex (because sex can also be done for free) and asking random people on the road for sex equals assuming they are desperate for money. Well, guess what? Many people who travel have some kind of plan for financing their adventures. And even if they don’t, they’ll find jobs elsewhere, so no need for your charity.

6. Why would a woman risk her life?

Everyone knows that most men are physically stronger than most women. If you got in a car with a strange man, he could quite easily a) rape you without protection, b) beat you up, c) kill you and steal your organs, d) drug you, rob you and abandon you at the side of the road. So, why the hell would any happy solo female cyclist in her right mind want to take that risk?

7. Why would this woman have sex with you?

Most female cyclists are emancipated, free spirits who believe women can do just about anything – even choose their own partners. And some of them actually have partners. If they decide to have sex with someone else than their partner, it probably won’t be with a random driver. And if they have no partner, what makes you think they are longing to have sex with you? Maybe there’s a reason you have to be offering money for sex? Just saying…


Featured Picture: @Sergio Anselmino

NOTE I’ve been asked for sex quite a few times during my trip and every single time it leaves me furious. Not because I have anything against prostitutes, but because a) it is always scary when a stranger stops by the side of an isolated road and b) I find it an insult to womankind to ask for sex from a random person. More on the topic of gender equality in Latin America on BBC News.


Written by Sissi Korhonen

Fascinated by meeting, interpreting and understanding people. Strangerless at soul and heart.