Andrea Tostano Caucaribe

CauCaribe is a music group from Popayán, District of Cauca, Colombia. As the name itself reveals, the group plays mostly traditional Colombian rhythms from Cauca and the Caribbean, such as different variations merengue and cumbia. The lyrics of the non-instrumental folkloric songs tell about the history of Colombia.

At a rehearsal of CauCaribe

Thanks to Couchsurfing and my host’s friendships, I ended up at the rehearsal of CauCaribe – a space where music was created with amazing simplicity. I was taken there by one of the singers, Andrea Tostano (the woman on the right in the videos).

In this video, the group members of CauCaribe tell about the various instruments: what they are made of, how they are played and which role they have in the traditional music. The video is in Spanish, but even if you don’t understand the language, do check out the end of the video with the demonstration of how the instruments are played!

The second video is a short clip of a song with vocals.

If you haven’t yet read my post on indigenous Colombian crafts, here’s an interview with Colombian craftsman Nacho in Salta, Argentina.

Written by Sissi Korhonen
Fascinated by meeting, interpreting and understanding people. Strangerless at soul and heart.